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Lawn Care

DSC01037A perfect lawn doesn’t happen by itself. It requires proper maintenance and nutrients to keep a lawn healthy and thick. We offer custom lawn care programs to fit your budget and your lawns’ needs. Below is the program we recommend for irrigated lawns that are cut on a weekly basis. (Non-irrigated lawns receive less applications).

8 Step Lawn Care – Including Limestone, Fertilizer, and Weed Control applied at the proper times during the season.

*We will apply fungus control if we start to see an issue. Fungus can spread through-out the lawn and could end up destroying your lawn. Once you have fungus it can be difficult to completely rid your lawn of it. Some things that you can do to help avoid fungus outbreaks would be to not water in the evenings. Fungus thrives in wet/damp conditions overnight. We recommend watering in the morning hours. Also, ask us about core aeration and how it can benefit your lawn and help to reduce fungus issues. *

Weekly Lawn Maintenance – Mow, Edge, Trim, Blow off grass clippings from any hard surfaces

Bed Maintenance – Weeding, Mulching, Shrub Trimming, Seasonal Flowers, etc.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Lawn Renovation

-Core Aeration

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